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On Friday, Class 4 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester. We had a great day and want to share some of our experiences with you.

We explored the planets first to find out more about Mars in particular and found out what we would weigh on Mars compared to on Earth. We found out some fascinating facts, such as if you had a bath big enough, Saturn would float! Later in the day we sat in models of space craft, including a model of a section of the ISS. There were lots of things to interact with in the centre.

Before lunch we went to our workshop where we programmed our own Lego Mars rover. It was great being in the control centre. Most of our rovers' missions were successful.

We enjoyed lunch in the canteen area before whizzing off to the Planetarium. It was an amazing and strange experience!

Later we explored the rocket tower which was a bit high for some of us!. We even had our own astronauts land on the moon! Can you spot who they are?

We had an amazing day. Thank you to the Space Centre staff who were helpful and friendly and gave us an excellent experience.

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Please see Class 4's topic map so you know what the children will be learning this term.

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