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01933 276491

Academic year 2017 to 2018


​What's Happening

What Date

Term 1 Training Day, School closed Friday 1st September 2017
  Training Day, School closed Monday 4th September 2017
  School re-opens Tuesday 5th September 2017
  ​School closes ​Friday 20 October 2017
Term 2 Training Day, School closed Monday 30th October 2017
  School re-opens Tuesday 31st October 2017
  School closes ​Wednesday 20 December 2017
Term 3 Training Day, School closed Wednesday 3rd January 2018
  School re-opens Thursday 4th January 2018
​School closes ​Friday 9 February 2018
​Term 4 ​School re-opens ​Monday 19 February 2018
  School closes Wednesday 28th March 2018
  Training Day, School closed Thursday 29th March 2018
​Term 5 ​School re-opens ​Monday 16 April 2018
  Bank Holiday, School closed Monday 7th May 2018
  School closes Friday 25th May 2018
​Term 6 ​School re-opens Monday 4 June 2018
  School closes ​Friday 20 July 2018

Please be aware that no holidays will be authorised during the SATS period or  Phonics Screening.  Phonics screening is normally in June.

School Vacancies 

We're sorry.
We have no vacancies at the moment.

Finding Our School 

Our address and contact information:

Wilby CofE VA Primary School,
Head Teacher: Miss L Pearce,
Church Lane,
Tel: 01933 276491
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