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Head Teacher: Miss L Pearce

Phone : 01933 276491

Church Lane, Wilby,
Northants. NN8 2UG

For our design and technology curriculum, we have ensured that children experience a range of skills across the areas of design and technology: structures, textiles, mechanisms, food, control and electrics.

Due to the structure of our classes, we follow a 2-year rotational curriculum. Throughout the 2 years, each class will learn techniques and skills which build on their learning in the previous cycle. Where possible we have also chosen products that fit with our topics to ensure engagement with the learning and a purpose for the product, such as Anderson shelters in the topic World War 2 and pizza in the topic of Italy.

Our design and technology curriculum is designed to teach pupils a wide range of techniques using varied materials. This allows them to use creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems with a consideration for resourcefulness and how their designs could make a difference in the world.

In our curriculum it is important that the pupils experience designs from across the globe, so to facilitate this, children will explore the varied examples of products and designs during their learning.

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