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Head Teacher: Miss L Pearce

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Northants. NN8 2UG

For our maths curriculum, we use White Rose Hub reception and mixed-age planning which is aligned to our Chris Quigley curriculum objectives. This planning allows us to ensure the national curriculum is being covered but most importantly being mastered. The blocks range from 1 to 5 weeks allowing teachers to ensure mastery and for children to deepen their understanding. Our lessons are structured to allow children to have support where needed and challenge is provided for all children to enable all children to reach the ambition of being successful mathematicians.

Alongside this, our maths curriculum includes daily counting practice to ensure that children have this fundamental skill. Children will progress from counting whole numbers in sequence to counting in larger steps and then fractions. Daily Rekenrek practice provides children with a visual and manipulative representation of the structure of numbers to 10 and 20. In key stage 2, children will also have regular practice of times tables facts which can allow children to make connections across other areas of maths. 

As a school, we have developed calculation policies which both ensure progression and allow for all children to be successful in calculation at their own level. Children have their own calculation booklet which can be referred to showing their individual methods.

To increase children’s exposure to and progress in maths, the children have a short maths session during morning registration (for children on the later pick-up, this is at the end of the day) and afternoon registration. Throughout the week, the morning session revises work from last term, last unit, last week, last lesson and a tricky area from the week to allow for regular recall of previous learning. The afternoon session focuses on new teaching: the aim of this is to ensure missed areas of learning from lockdown are taught or for pre-teaching to take place.

You can find our whole school curriculum vision for Maths here. 

You can find our progression of knowledge and skills for Maths here.


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