Contact Name
Head Teacher: Miss L Pearce

Phone : 01933 276491

Church Lane, Wilby,
Northants. NN8 2UG

For our music curriculum, we use the Charanga music scheme. We made the decision to move to this scheme in 2020, as we found our children were not experiencing a range of music.

Due to the structure of our classes, we follow a 2-year rotational curriculum. Throughout the 2 years, each class will have 3 lessons that are designed to meet each year group they contain, as well as completing the Reflect, Rewind and Replay unit throughout an academic year which focuses more upon the transcription aspect of the music curriculum. Each year a class will have 2 lessons that match one of the age groups and 1 that will match the other. For the second rotations, this will be swapped over to ensure the steps have been met. Where possible our curriculum matches with topics within classes.

Our music curriculum is designed to introduce pupils to a diverse style of music, from different cultures and countries to recognise similarities and differences, and recreate their own versions. We have found that many of our children do not encounter music often within their lives outside of school. Therefore, in our curriculum it was important that the pupils experience both British and non-British artists and throughout the decades.

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