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Head Teacher: Miss L Pearce

Phone : 01933 276491

Church Lane, Wilby,
Northants. NN8 2UG

For our science curriculum, we have considered the experiences of our school intake and felt that they needed to be able to develop their knowledge of the main fields of science and be confident in linking these to encounters of their own. We felt the curriculum should ask questions of the children and provide them with the opportunity to answer these questions effectively, through research and experimentation, immersing them in real life experiences, and using their previous knowledge, built throughout the school years, to support their ideas.

Due to our school structure of mixed-age classes, we follow a 2-year rotational curriculum. Throughout the 2 years, each class will be learning six different focuses annually, many based around the topics covered. Introduction to new topics involve engagement days, which incorporate activities that immerse the children into the subject, considering the impact of science. We endeavour to offer a basis for the children to develop their communication skills, via in depth investigations, research and experiments, discussion and hypothesis, presenting and writing our findings and conclusions, using various resources.

We have designed our science curriculum to introduce pupils to diverse areas of science, studying various hypothesise, scientists, inventions and achievements. Children will be able to recognise and discuss similarities and differences, and gain a chronological awareness of how science develops through history, throughout their time in the school. We have considered how it offers a range of ancient, through to recent, scientific achievements and discoveries that the children can relate to, using modern knowledge and experiences. The achievements provide opportunities for the children to observe the ambition and resilience of many historical scientific figures, to provide them with a stimulus to drive their own thoughts on the contributions they can make themselves in the future.

Diversity is a key element of our science curriculum, with the importance of male and female representatives, different races and cultures, and people from various areas of history and life, being a prominent factor. As a Church of England school, we felt the children should learn how religion and science can work alongside, or in opposition to each other, in how people perceive the world and how it evolves.

We want all our learners to leave Wilby CE VA Primary School with a curiosity and passion to hypothesise, discuss, test their theories and draw conclusions within the areas of biology, chemistry and physics, and to ensure that they question all relevant information gained for validity and importance. These skills will provide the children with a secure grounding to develop their knowledge and interests further in science in Secondary school and beyond.

Upcoming Events

9 Jun
Reception Multi Sports Tournament
Date 09-06-2023 8:45 am - 12:00 pm
16 Jun
Year 1/2 Diamond Cricket Tournament
16-06-2023 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
19 Jun
Y5/6 Residential to Govilon
19-06-2023 - 23-06-2023
23 Jun
Year 3/4 Diamond Cricket Tournament
23-06-2023 8:45 am - 12:00 pm
30 Jun
Year 5/6 Diamond Cricket Tournament
30-06-2023 8:45 pm - 9:15 pm