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Governors are at the heart of how a school operates.  It is important they get things right.  How they do their job affects the interests of pupils, staff morale and how the school is seen by parents and others in the community. 

Governors at Wilby CofE VA Primary School work as a team and are responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education.  Raising educational standards in school is a key priority and we believe that this has the greatest opportunity for succes when there are high expectations of what pupils can achieve. 

The Governing Body:

  • is accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  • plans the school's future direction
  • selects the head teacher
  • makes decisions on the school's budget and staffing
  • makes sure the national curriculum is taught
  • decides how the school can encourage pupil's spiritual, moral and social development
  • makes sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs

Governors also promote effective ways of teaching and learning when setting the school aims and policies.  They do this together with the head teacher, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school. Our school governing body includes governors who are:

  • Parents elected by other parents at the school
  • Staff elected by Head, teachers and support staff at the school. The head teacher is entitled to be a staff governor without an election
  • Persons appointed by Northamptonshire County Council as the local education authority. There are upto four of these 'LEA' governors
  • Foundation governors, appointed by the church

Foundation governors form the majority on the governing body of the school, which is a Church of England

Wilby CE VA Primary School Governing Body 2018-2019

GovernorCategoryDate of AppointmentEnd of Term of OfficeCommittees/Responsibilities
Gillian Whall  Foundation 05.10.2018







Chair of Governors
Pay, Personnel & Finance Committee

Admissions Committee
Class 1 Governor

Helen Tite Foundation 26.03.2017




Vice Chair
Pay, Personnel & Finance Committee

Admissions Committee
English Lead
Inclusion Lead


Rev Jackie Buck

Foundation 15.06.2017



Class 4 Governor


Julia Cleworth

Foundation 24.02.2017




Pay, Personnel & Finance Committee

RE and Collective Worship Lead


Lynette Dudley

Foundation 15.06.2017



Safeguarding, Attendance, Behaviour, Anti-bullying Lead

Class 2 Governor


Kerry Groom

Staff 18.09.2018



Health and Safety Lead


Michael Palmer







Website Compliance Lead


Lisa Pearce

Head 19.10.2007 ongoing  


George Thompson


Foundation 11.12.2017



Pay, Personnel & Finance Committee

Finance Lead

PE Premium Lead

Pupil Premium Lead


Adele Rowland

Foundation 01.09.2018 01.09.2022  Maths Lead


Claire Marsh

Parent 13.03.2018 12.03.2022

 Class 3 Governor

Admissions Committee





Wilby CE VA Primary School Governing Body Pecuniary Interests

Gillian Whall Partner with NCC Finance Officer None
Helen Tite None None
Rev Jackie Buck Church None
Julia Cleworth None None
Lynette Dudley None None
Kerry Groom Staff None
Michael Palmer Child in school None
Lisa Pearce Partner is Site Supervisor None
George Thompson Parish Councillor , Church Warden None
Adele Rowland None None
Claire Marsh Child in school None


Attendance Information Governing Body Meetings Sept 17- July 18 

GovernorWhole Governors 27/9/17

PPF 16/11/17

Whole Governors 16/11/17

PPF 24/1/18

Whole Governors 24/1/18

Admissions 21/2/18

Whole Governors 26/4/18Whole Governors 11/7/18
Gillian Whall Y Y Y Y A Y Y Y
Helen Tite Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Lisa Pearce Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Dax Baxter Y N/A A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Julia Cleworth Y Y Y Y Y N/A Y Y
Kerry Groom Y N/A Y N/A A N/A Y Y
Michale Palmer Y N/A Y N/A Y N/A Y Y
George Thompson Y Y Y Y Y N/A Y A
Rev Jackie Buck Y N/A A N/A Y N/A Y A
Claire Cockings Y N/A A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lynette Dudley A N/A A N/A Y N/A Y Y
Claire Marsh N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Y


NB: N/A means not on Governing Body at that time or not a member of that committee.

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Our address and contact information:

Wilby CofE VA Primary School,
Head Teacher: Miss L Pearce,
Church Lane,
Tel: 01933 276491
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