Contact Name
Head Teacher: Mrs L Bilkhu

Phone : 01933 276491

Church Lane, Wilby,
Northants. NN8 2UG

Curriculum Intent

At Wilby CE VA Primary School our curriculum is designed to enable our children to be effective communicators who have a voice, to reach their full potential through high aspirations and to become confident, happy, well-rounded citizens who can take on any challenge.   

With our children in mind, our beliefs about high quality education and our Christian ethos, we shape our curriculum with well-being and values at the heart. We believe that children need to feel safe, both physically and emotionally, and be able to demonstrate our values of compassion, forgiveness, friendship, hope, serving others and thankfulness.

At the end of their time at Wilby CE VA Primary School, we want our children to know that they can achieve anything. We want them to have the confidence and skills to be able to communicate effectively as a member of society and stand up for what they believe in in a respectful manner. Our children should leave us with the resilience to deal with the challenges and barriers they will face in their lives.

Our key drivers are

  • To be effective communicators
  • To have high ambition
  • To be resilient


Having the ability to express themselves clearly and effectively, orally and in writing, listen to others, offer their opinions and reason articulately, whilst being able to debate a topic or viewpoint and disagree respectfully. We want us all to have the skills necessary to have a voice.


Having the drive to be the best we can be, challenging ourselves as learners to produce work of high quality and take pride in all that we do.


Having the skills and resources needed to deal with challenges and barriers. We will develop the emotional and physical security needed to become resilient individuals who are able to take risks.

Long Term Map

Below, you can find our Long Term Curriculum Maps. For the academic year 2022 - 2023 we are following year A. 


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