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Head Teacher: Mrs L Bilkhu

Phone : 01933 276491

Church Lane, Wilby,
Northants. NN8 2UG


Our school council members are voted in each academic year by their peers. We meet regularly to discuss ways of improving our school raised by the pupils and also to organise fundraising activities for local and national charities. 

In previous years, our school council have organised fundraising for homeless people in the county, our sponsored child in Kenya, Children in Need and Red Nose Day. They organised an art exhibition to raise awareness of waste and endagered animals. The children all made art work from waste materials showing animals on the endangered list. The exhibition was held at St Mary's Church and the art work was sold, raising money for a local charity 'Animals in Need'. 

Last year we organised a waste project and found ways that our school could help reduce the waste produced in school. 

This year we have raised money to support Children in Need by holding a mufti day. We will be organising fundraising to help support a young girl in Kenya so she can go to school. 

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